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Newborn baby girl photo session | Ballwin, Missouri

Goldie's session started off bumpy with her only wanting to be held by mom or dad and walked around. At almost 2 months old, it's to be expected that a photo session will be a little trickier. Patience is key and about 15 minutes into it, she calmed down and fell asleep. She stayed asleep through almost everything which involved photos with mom and dad, and both sets of grandparents along with 6 different looks for just Goldie.

Newborn babies don't have to be asleep for their newborn session, but it's typically preferred. Awake babies when they're that little tend to be fussy or wiggly or go cross eyed when I try to photograph (or a little of it all!) If they are calm and without crazy eyes, then I'm all for it because sometimes we can get cute expressions like we did for a couple with Goldie. Every session is different, and I just have to go with the flow and follow the baby's lead.

I don't put a time limit on newborn sessions, but I will call it when I feel like we have gotten everything or when I can tell baby is so over it. They can last anywhere from an hour to 3 hours typically. This is part of why I love being able to do these sessions in people's homes. While I'm photographing just baby, you can be getting other things done or even just relaxing.

If you have any questions and or would like to book a session, email me at-

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