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Kirkwood, Missouri Baby Photographer | Jack 10 months

Some people like to have their baby's photos done at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. Some people like to have them taken every month. Some people just randomly choose a time and whichever way you do it is ok!

At 10 months old Jack was moving around quite a bit! He crawled so fast but that was ok because we just kept putting him back in place and doing everything we could to distract him to be still for a moment. Baby sessions can be chaotic because myself and the parents will make crazy noises, sings songs and pull out all the favorite toys.

I tell everyone I can't guarantee a baby will do any more than 2 outfits. There isn't a time constraint on my end as I don't do time limits. A baby will give us a time limit though because you can only mess with them so much before they are bored of it and or overstimulated. I will always try to do more outfits and setups as they allow though. I was able to do 3 outfits with Jack, but we definitely got the best of him with his first outfit.

Here is a peek at his session down below!

If you are in Kirkwood, Missouri or surrounding areas, email me with questions and or to setup a session! -


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