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11 things you probably didn't know about me!

1. When I first started photography professionally, (in a widely known corporate studio) I was expected to photograph sessions in 10 minutes (20 visually different images). I rocked it. I know how to get everything you are looking for in a short time. I do however slow it down in my personal business to really connect with people and pay even closer attention to detail.

2. I am a Pisces and definitely fit the description for it! - Easy going - Devoted - Accepting - Imaginative - Compassionate - Intuitive - Empathic

3. I became an aunt at 8 years old. I now have 9 nieces and nephews plus one great nephew (plus a few extras we've made part of the family along the way!) I've been helping take care of kids since I was a kid.

4. I don't drink soda or milk. I mostly drink water even if I'm eating cake or cookies!

5. I don't follow recipes unless I'm baking. I use them for inspiration but I find that meals turn out better when I make them my own. I love playing around with different ingredients and trying new things.

6. I had my drivers permit for 5 years ( I was nervous about driving). I got my license when I was 21. I got him by a semi truck just a month after getting my first car. Ever since then I have a lot of anxiety about being on highways therefore I do not drive on them.

7. My husband and I got married on our 8 year anniversary. April 2020 we have been together for 10 years!

8. I enjoy inspirational and self help books such as - "Life Without Limits" By Nick Vujicic ,

"The Path Made Clear" By Oprah Winfrey , and "Lean In" By Sheryl Sandberg (just to name a few)

9. Putting clean clothes away is my least favorite thing to do.

10. Somewhere warm by the ocean is my ideal vacation.

11. I am a dog lover. Almost 8 years ago I got a baby chihuahua that I ended up having to leave at my parents' house. We moved into a townhome that didn't allow pets. She still lives there even though we own a home now. I wouldn't want to take her away from where she is used to. She still adores me and wants me to hold her the whole time when I come over. Now we have a 2 year old Shih Tzu who is super energetic and loves all people.

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