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What to expect during your in home newborn session

If you don't already know me, I'm Brittani and I am an in home newborn photographer in Arnold, Missouri. I come to you with everything needed for your session (with the exception of clothing for adults and older children). Ideally baby is fed either immediately before I arrive or as I am setting things up. When I do arrive at your home I unpack everything and bring it to where I will be shooting the baby only images. I'm always told I bring so much but if you saw my whole collection, what I bring is about 1/6th of it! After booking the session we will talk about your color preferences and if you want me to bring specific props. I bring a large Rubbermaid of blankets, a basket of headbands, hats and bonnets, a basket of swaddle wraps, posing bed, and typically about 3 or 4 props to pose baby in.

We can start with family or baby first. If there are young siblings involved and they are in a good mood then I will start with family. The baby being photographed alone is the longest part and can take anywhere from an hour to almost 3 I don't want to make children wait and be over it before it starts. There have been times where I've photographed baby first if they were an only child because mom or dad still needed to finish getting ready.

When I do family images they can take place in the nursery, in the living room or anywhere with nice natural light. I do make sure any artificial light is off in whatever room I am photographing in. If you have animals I ask they are put in another room except for times you may want them photographed.

I get asked why the session takes so long. I don't put a time limit on the session but instead end it whenever baby is tired of being messed with or when we have completed all the planned setups. I don't push anything too much if the baby isn't happy about it. I will swaddle, sway, shush, bounce etc.. Many times that is all they need for a few minutes and then the session can continue. Diaper changes happen and they may even need to be fed once during the session. Parents are always surprised at how babies will get hungry before their typical feeding time during the session. Modeling is tough work! I'll tell you to go ahead and feed them if they need it. They won't be content and do what we want if we don't first make sure their needs are met.

There are so many other things that go into a session that we can talk about while planning yours. I have 6 spots for newborns left in 2021! Most people book while pregnant to ensure a spot and that gives us time to plan.

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