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The work this St. Louis baby photographer puts into each session!

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

If you are looking for a photographer in the St. Louis area you have plenty to choose from! If you choose me I hope it is for my style and our personalities meshing. I understand bargain shopping for certain things. If you are just looking for a bargain and don't truly understand or appreciate the effort put in then we may not be a good fit.

Do you wonder what all is put into an infant photo shoot?

Lets go over what is happening before I even get ready for a session.

- 10 years of experience photographing thousands of families, babies and toddlers

- Anywhere from 5-20 hours a month on continuous education

- Hours every couple months searching for and buying props, blankets, hats, headbands etc

- At least 1 hour a month updating my website

- Almost daily Facebook and Instagram posts to make sure you all know I exist (about 15 minutes choosing which photos to use and what to write)

Now you've chosen to reach out to me to be your St. Louis area baby photographer

- We write back and forth about what you are looking for, what I offer, the cost, my availability etc

- I write up a contract for your session so that we both know what to expect & send over an invoice

- The day before your infant photo session, I go through my props and blankets etc to put together setups either based on what you said you like or what I choose. (usually about 20 minutes)

- I take about 3-4 trips out to my car to pack it up the morning of. Then I head to your home!

- Once I arrive I unpack my car right away and get things set up near a door or window in your home for natural light.

- The session takes place and lasts anywhere from 30 minutes - 2 hours based on baby's cooperation. The longer sessions are usually because baby needs soothing (fed, rocked, nap)

- Once the session is over I pack everything back up and head home where I then unpack my car again.

- I load up your images the same day usually and try to delete anything that is blurry or where they blinked (about 20 minutes)

- I then add light or shadows where needed, adjust coloring, remove blemishes, sharpen eyes and smooth skin and backgrounds. Each image can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes. On average it takes me about 7-10 days to complete your gallery.

It takes time because like most photographers, I am at home with my son doing homeschool and all the things while doing all the behind the scenes work. I usually have about 4 sessions to edit a week (during my slow season). During Summer I typically do about 6-10 a week and lets not even talk about Christmas time...

I put my heart and soul into every session and love doing this more than anything. It was important to me to share a summary of what goes into an infant photo session so that everyone understands photographers don't just grab their camera and click the button. It takes time to learn your angles, lighting, editing, & camera settings. It takes time to know what each age range of a baby or toddler is capable of and what makes them happy. I'm going to play peek- a boo with your 1 year old but not your 3 month old. I'm going to swaddle, shush and sway your newborn but not your 9 month old. You get the idea..

If you are looking for a baby photographer in the St. Louis area, look around my website, check out my Facebook (Moments to Cherish Portrait Photography), and my Instagram (britphotolady).

Looking for a photographer in the Jefferson County Missouri area? I shoot in that area as well!

Check out a final image from a recent 3 month session, along with before the edit and behind the scenes!

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