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St. Louis Newborn Photo Session | Bowie

I rented a studio in Benton Park for this session since the family was traveling to me. I have to say how in love with this studio space I am! It's super roomy. I was able to set up each scene I planned on doing beforehand which saved a lot of time during the session. It helped that mister Bowie was a dream to work with! I was also able to take advantage of some of the furnishings at the studio to have different looks and I always love doing something different!

Bowie was the star of this session since mom and dad decided to push off family photos for a few months (totally understandable). You can take photos how and when you want. There are no set rules (although I know many serious photo lovers like to think there are)

I typically try to get at least 3 different setups for a newborn session and do more depending on how baby is reacting. I did 5 different setups with Bowie, and it took a little over an hour! My new favorite thing to do is start with a simple white/cream setup and get several detail/closeup shots.

Take a look at this gorgeous wall grouping I designed for them!

Here is some more of his session!

If you are interested in booking a session, I suggest reaching out before you give birth. Securing a spot with me beforehand ensures I'll be able to fit you in since I take a limited number of sessions per month. You pay the session fee and sign a contract and I guarantee to have your session photographed within a month of birth (aiming for the first 2 weeks if possible). You just have to let me know as soon as you can that baby has arrived and then we will schedule a specific time and date. I can come to your home, or you can come to the studio.

To book, please email me at -


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