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St. Louis natural light, indoor maternity photo session

Is this my studio? No. Do I wish it was? Yes! I love the owner and I am so glad that she rents out this perfect space. There is always plenty of natural light. I also love that it's all white. It looks timeless and simple, and you can never go wrong with that! (Though I do sometimes bring a colored backdrop to)

I kept telling this beautiful mama that she looks like a super model. I love that she was willing to show skin and show off that baby bump! We were able to easily go through several looks in the hour that we had this space.

I always recommend being ready with at least 2 different outfits for your session (I don't charge extra for outfits). If you're willing to do implied nude I have many gorgeous fabrics, we can use to drape around you. Ultimately though, it is up to you whether or not you want to show skin or be completely covered. I think maternity sessions are beautiful either way.

Thinking about doing a maternity photo session? Just go for it! This is a huge milestone. Even if you end up with just one photo as a keepsake that's better than nothing. I know how insecure many mom's can feel during this time. Years from now you may look at yourself with kinder eyes. You will look back and remember what it felt like to feel the love of your life growing inside of you. You will be reminded of how amazing it is that your body was able to create life. If nothing else, your child will for sure appreciate these images when they are grown.

2023 maternity sessions are available. Email me at -

or fill out the contact form on my website to book a session or ask any questions.


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