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St. Louis, Missouri Newborn Photographer | In home Newborn Photography

Wondering what an in-home newborn photography session is like?

Sessions can last anywhere from 90 minutes to 4 hours depending on if we are including family or not, how many setups are involved, and how well baby cooperates.

That sounds like a long time I know! But that entire time is not spent posing and looking at the camera. In fact, the family images usually go the quickest because baby is more comfortable and happier in your arms typically.

When baby gets fussy, I am more than happy to stop and take a break for a feeding, diaper change or just because they need to be rocked or bounced. All of that can happen frequently during a newborn session.

Since I do these sessions in the comfort of your own home, you are welcome to go about your day as usual when you are not in the photos (which people love!). There is no packing up and going to sit somewhere else for hours. Need to have lunch, get some work done, do the laundry etc? Great! Go do that while I'm photographing your tiny little person.

Another perk when hiring me is that I bring everything needed for your session. I bring the light, backdrops, bonnets, hats, headbands, swaddles and props. We plan out what you want beforehand, and I bring only what is necessary.

I hear often that people worry about needing to have their home perfectly clean or they worry about space. I don't need a ton of space to photograph! I've done sessions in little apartments. I've done sessions in nurseries where the baby shower gifts were piled up everywhere. I don't expect your home to be perfect when I come in. I will figure out the best space to use and if things need to be moved out of the way that's fine.

After your session is over, we will choose a day and time to get together for your ordering appointment (again I come to you!) It is at that time that you will see and touch print samples and purchase what you'd like.

If you have questions and or would like to book a newborn photography session in the St. Louis area (or surrounding areas within 1 hour)


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