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Simple Newborn Photography Session | St. Louis, Missouri

I love using colors in the newborn photo sessions I do but, I love simple and neutral just as much! Ok, I might just have an obsession with all newborn photo styles. I want to talk about all white/cream sessions though.


* Going neutral for your photo session is timeless.

* Sticking with white and or cream really goes with everything.

* When incorporating the family into your newborn photos, having baby in white/cream gives you more options with how to dress the family. Your little one will also be the main focus being the lightest part of the image! (or have the whole family in neutrals and your faces will really pop!)

I want to offer a special package just for those who choose an all white/cream session for their baby. It's less work for me to just bring all whites and creams because I'm carrying less and also not having to put in as much time designing sets. (Therefore, discounted package)

Here's what that package will look like:

3 pieces of wall art 20x24 or smaller (acrylic with float mount or float framed canvas)

10 edited digital images with copyrights


There's more that I want to do as far as posing with these simple sessions but, here are some examples of just how beautiful simplicity can be.

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