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Outdoor mommy & me photography session in St. Louis

Life can be chaotic when you're a mom to 2 toddlers. It can seem like it's always one or the other causing chaos. The day of this session was the perfect example of that. If one was cooperating the other was not. That is totally fine! I don't expect them to be perfect little models and think that they will want to do everything that I hope for. If you can slow down and just take the moment for what it is (plus, trust in me), you get beautiful images like this ^

Mom was getting stressed that the kids weren't being very chill, but I kept reassuring her that this is every photo session with toddlers and that I will capture the quick but calm moments that she doesn't realize are happening. When you let go and go with the flow, everything turns out more genuine and the kids even calm down right along with you.

Mommy & Me sessions are special to me. Being a mom myself I know how hard it can be to want to get in the photo. There's getting yourself ready on top of getting the kids ready. I know you could feel like throwing in the towel and saying "It's going to end up just being the kids today" I've seen it happen many times. It makes me sad every time because they threw away a moment captured with their kids that they will never get back.

Your kids will always appreciate you getting in the photo with them. No, it doesn't have to be perfectly posed and awkward. My favorite images are the ones that show the connection and love you and your children have.

P.s. Grandma joining for a few is always a good idea to!

Looking for a photographer in St. Louis? Look around my website and see if my style resonates with you and let's chat to see if we are a good fit!

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