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Kylo | 10-month milestone photo session | Arnold, Missouri

Kylo is a little extra special to me since he is the son of one of my best friends. I did his newborn session and now have had the privilege of photographing him at 10 months. I decided to take on the task of photographing him completely alone while I babysat him one day so that I could surprise mom. She had been meaning to get with me to schedule a date for his session, but their family has a busy life.

Kylo is crawling now, so this was no easy task. I was able to occupy him with some kids' songs and toys while I set everything up. Having worked with infants a long time, I knew I had a small window of time before he was over my shenanigans. I worked quickly and it was somewhere around 10-15 minutes from the time I started photographing until I finished. It may sound too fast to many but, I came from working in a fast-paced studio where we did sessions like that all day every day. I actually had to learn how to slow down when I went out on my own because not every session requires quickness.

Kylo did great and mom was surprised when I sent them to her. Here is a peek down below at some of his session!

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