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Korinne's newborn photo session | Oakville, Missouri

This is another family that I got the pleasure of photographing for before. I did big sister's newborn photos. I remember her session like it was yesterday. It was a hot Summer evening and we did the entire session outside while I got eaten alive by mosquitos. It was worth it though!

Korinne's session took place in Spring, and it was a bit cold out, so we started the session inside, but we did pop out in their yard to grab a few quick shots. The first attempt at sibling photos didn't go well but that's to be expected with a 2 year old. She had no interested in laying down by her baby sister (probably because she thought we were trying to get her to nap! haha) I said "No worries, I'll see if she is interested later but wont push it. Typically, once all the focus is on baby for a while, the toddler wants to join in" That is exactly what happened, and I was ecstatic!

I was able to get many setups in a short amount of time because Korinne was so sleepy! Take a peek down below of her session.

If you are looking for a newborn photographer, email me and we can chat about what your are looking for and see if we'd be a good fit! -

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