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Fenton, Missouri Newborn Photographer | Emmett's in home session

I have been photographing Emmett's older sister since she was a baby (4 years!) I love watching families grow.

At 6 weeks old Emmett was very alert for a lot of his newborn photo session. I loved how he kept staring right into the camera. He was loving it and it's like he's made to be a little model!

This session was just like all the others where I came to their home and brought everything needed. My clients love not having to pack up to go somewhere for their photo session. It's so much easier to just sit back on your own couch and be able to go make lunch or switch the laundry when needed (since we know that's never ending!)

There are of course so many differences to when it comes to each session. I custom design each setup so that everyone is always getting something a little different. With the amount of items I have for baby sessions, there are endless combination possibilities.

A question I often get asked is "How long will my newborn photo session last?" It depends on if we are including family or not and how cooperative baby is. For this particular session it took about 2 hours, and we did Emmett alone (5 setups) along with some sibling photos (2 setups). I have had sessions that have gone 3 or 4 hours (anything past that and I'm probably calling an end to it) Babies end up getting hungry, needing diapers changed or just need a cuddle or to be rocked and that goes into that time. Sometimes they wiggle out of that perfect position and have to be put back into it. It all takes time and patience.

Are you expecting a baby or know someone who is? (I offer gift certificates!)

I travel to people's homes in the St. Louis and Jefferson County Missouri areas.

If you are traveling to me, there is a studio I rent in St. Louis when needed.

Email me to set up an appointment or consultation -


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