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Arnold, Missouri Newborn Photographer Now Offering Prints!

As a newborn photographer in Arnold, Missouri I often hear of people never doing anything with their digital files. Then there are the people who print but don't go through quality printing labs. I think it is so important to have the memories you want to look at in print around your home so that you can see them daily and also to pass down to children and grandchildren. It is important to me that the prints come out looking how I finished them. I work really hard on making sure colors and lighting are up to my standards and I want that to show through your prints.

I am so excited to now offer print products as a part of your session! I have found a lab that not only has great coloring but everything they offer is very sturdy. The shipping is super quick and one of the reasons I love that is if there did happen to be anything wrong, getting a reprint would be no big deal. Plus who doesn't love getting what they ordered quicker!

One of the products I am offering is called a float frame gallery wrap. It gives the illusion that the image is floating within the frame with a 1/8" gap between the image and frame. It gives off such a unique and luxurious look.

Sizes are - 30x30, 20x24, 16x20, 16x16, 10x20, 10x10, 8x10 & 5x7

Another product I have fallen in love with is the lay flat photo album. The cover can be leather, faux leather, linen, silk or fabric. There are many color options. The pages are thick and they are sure to stand the test of time. The album comes as 10x10.

The final product I am offering is a maple wood box with mounted images. An image is printed onto the sliding lid. Inside holds the mounted images (on 2mm styrene) and a wood stand. You can use the wood stand to display different images whenever you feel like changing them out. Additional wood stands may be ordered to display your images around your home. These come as 5x7 or 4x6.

I wanted to make things simple and only offer a few products that I am totally in love with. I look forward to seeing all of your images on these products!

I am booking newborns due all the way to April 2022 right now. Milestone sessions may be scheduled all throughout next year (3 months, 6, 9, 12). Contact me with any questions or to book a session! (p.s. prints are available for any session type!)

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Shanthi Sree
Shanthi Sree
Oct 16, 2021

These are gorgeous! I love those albums! <3

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