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Arnold, Missouri in home newborn photography

I was greeted at this session by the cutest and sweetest kids who were eager to show me their favorite toys and welcome me into their home. I immediately felt a sense of calm when coming in. Let me tell you how patient and kind this family is! The kids took turns asking me questions and watched calmly as I set my light up. They were terrific listeners to.

I was coming to photograph Ethan, the youngest of 4. Dad offered to help bring my things in and jokingly asked if I was moving in (if you've had a session with me, you know how it is!) I come with a lot of stuff. Yet, it is still a tiny portion of what I own for baby sessions.

To start the session, I did the family all together and the siblings so that they did not have to wait through Ethan being photographed alone. They did fantastic! Ethan did not want to sleep but instead stared inquisitively at each one of his family members. When the kids were all done, dad took them away to grab lunch so that I could photograph the baby alone. Ethan was still wanting to be wide awake. I love these kinds of sessions where I get the eyes open and alertness but also some sleeping images. He had so many expressions, but the yawn is always a favorite of mine with any baby!

Mom told me Ethan would be their last and I know how bittersweet that must feel. Knowing this is the last baby you held in your womb, the last tiny toes you'll pick fuzzies out of, the last one to give you sleepless nights full of snuggles. I can tell they are cherishing every moment with their beautiful family. I am so thankful to have gotten to capture it.

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