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4 tips for a relaxed photo session

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

1. Make sure everyone is well rested and that there are no empty tummies! Bring drinks and snacks if needed!

2. Have a bit of a lazy day if you have an evening session. Avoid spending the day out and about or doing tons of housework. If you take it easy, you will be more relaxed during your session. Lay clothes out the day before.


This is a big one because it can make the biggest difference. Sometimes we have to let go of expectations and just go with the flow. Is your 3 year old refusing to wear the shoes you picked out? Forget about it. For the sake of your photo session, it's not worth the fight to get yourself and your child stressed out. In the bigger picture, no one is focusing on that. The focus is the love, connection and the fun you are having together. Did the baby spit up on you right at the time of your session? No biggie, I'll pose you in a way that it doesn't show or I'll edit it out. Either way, it will be fine! Did baby spit up on themselves? Strip them down to their diaper! (always cute!) I could go on and on but hopefully you get the point. I have ways to work around every issue.

4. Let kids be kids!

Toddlers are going to be moving constantly and I wouldn't expect it any other way! That's one of the things I love about photographing them. We will just move along with them. If you try to force them into one spot for too long, things aren't going to go well. There will be lots of running, jumping, tickling, ring a round the rosie, rock exploring, flower picking etc. I don't expect your child to sit and pose perfectly. If they are giving me grumpy or silly faces, I'll take that to. That is how they are feeling in that moment. I'll capture it all because it's real! Just relax and play and trust that I am there to catch all the beautiful moments!

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