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You have decided to book a portrait session with me! Here is the process of your experience.

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Step 1 : Email me at



or Facebook message me!



Tell me how many people you want photographed and their ages. If you are pregnant and interested in newborn photos, tell me when your due date is. Let me know if you want your images taken in your home or outdoors (both is fine to) Get as specific as you can about what you are looking for. If you are not sure that is fine to! Let me know if there are particular days or times that work best! If we are shooting outdoors, keep in mind that I avoid mid day shooting due to harsh light. The hours vary based on the time of year. During summer I aim for between a  7-9 am starting time and 5-7 pm starting time. Indoors we can do any time of day. 

Step 4: I will email you an invoice and contract. A session is not officially booked until the contract is signed and the retainer is paid.

Step 5: We have your session. I will give all the time that is needed to capture what you want. I will calm babies, play with toddlers and dad will say at the end "That wasn't so bad! That was fun!"

Step 2: I will message you back within 24 hours and ask any additional questions. We will chat about your family dynamic and what you are looking for. You can ask me any additional questions and I will give you day and time options for your session.

Step 6: Within 10 days you will receive a link in your email to your password protected gallery. You may download your edited high resolution images from there. You can also order prints through my gallery site. I use a lab called WHCC that is only available to order from through my gallery site. You have the ability to print elsewhere also and share online. Please be aware that different labs may show different coloring. In most cases you get what you pay for. Avoid printing at Walmart or Walgreens! You will have 90 days to download all of your images. ( I ask that you do not make any edits to my copyrighted images. I would hope that in choosing me you appreciate my editing skills)

Step 3: You will want to pick your date and time as soon as possible. I typically only shoot 1- 4 sessions a day ( that ensures enough time to shoot your session in case we have meltdowns, feeding breaks or diaper changes etc. It also helps me edit faster so you can get your images quickly) We will talk about location at this point if we have not already.

Step 7: If you share your images online, please tag me! It's an easy way to spread the word. I would also appreciate if you would write a review on my facebook page or even email it to me to share on my website!

I do want to add that you are not required to let me share your images online. I always ask for permission!

Brittani is a photographer in the Jefferson County, Missouri Area.

Specializing in Newborns, Infants, Toddlers and Families with kids these ages. With 10 years of experience, you can count on her to capture moments you will cherish.

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