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About the photographer and how she puts her all into her work.

Hey! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Brittani. I have been a portrait photographer for 14 years. I fell in love with it in high school and a couple years after that I was working at Jcp portraits. I became manager there and stayed for 10 years until covid hit. I had started my business up before leaving Lifetouch, but I wasn't able to put as much energy into it as I wanted, and I was not allowed to do my own studio work outside of there.

Since starting my business in 2018, I've photographed countless couples, weddings, maternity sessions, families, seniors, toddlers and babies. I kept being told I needed to find my niche and that was hard because for over 10 years all I knew was to photograph whatever the client that came to you needed. I realized I got most excited about babies and decided to focus on that. I've put my all into it by keeping up with education via online and in person workshops and also investing into quality equipment and props.

Safety is huge and I will never put your baby in a risky pose to get a photo. Some images you see online are composites where the baby is photoshopped into the backdrop, or a parent's or my hand is photoshopped out. Overall, my favorite images are swaddled because those tend to be the safest. Baby won't startle and move like they do when they are not swaddled. The babies that are really chill and sleepy are those ones that you'll see outside the swaddle from time to time.

During in home sessions, I don't put a strict time limit on it and same goes for outdoor. I go by if we got everything you wanted and whether or not the baby, toddler or whoever is still cooperative. Newborn sessions can take anywhere from 90 minutes up to 4 hours depending on the size of the family and cooperation of the baby.

Newborn sessions are a lot of work. I pack up everything needed and often get met with parents saying, " Wow are you moving in?" and " Oh my gosh that's a lot of stuff" I want to make sure I have everything we might need even if I don't end up using it, it's better to be safe than sorry. I bring several setups for baby (typically 3-6). That can include several backdrops, props, swaddles, headbands, hats, furs, and blankets. Then there's also my lighting equipment and camera so yeah it can be a lot and my body honestly hurts at the end of it all. I have to pack it all up and get it back out of my car when I get home. This is one of the many reasons I do a limited number of Newborn sessions a month.

A lot of time goes into editing. I do color and light correcting, blemish removal and skin smoothing etc. It can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to edit a single image and my sessions can have anywhere from 20-70 images to edit after I've gone through over 100 of them to narrow them down.

I've had people say to me "You charge that much to click a button?" These people either don't value photography or they don't understand what goes into what I do. There are many hours of behind the scenes work with marketing, emailing potential clients, sending contracts and invoices, continuing education, purchasing props and designing sets. I could hand my camera to anyone around me and have them click that button and I can guarantee you their photo won't turn out anything like mine. Years of experience goes into knowing how to work a professional camera, mastering light, angles and composition on top of how to engage a subject and get the expression you want.

In summary, I absolutely love what I do. Yes, it's a lot of work, more than what some people realize, but I couldn't see myself doing anything else. This is what I was made for.

If you want a photographer who is laid back, loves people and capturing their love for each other, loves getting creative and trying new things, then I may be your lady.

There's many ways to contact me. You can fill out the contact form on my website, private message me on Facebook (Moments to Cherish Portrait Photography or Instagram (britphotolady) or email me at -

St. Louis Portrait Photographer

I photograph in many areas around St. Louis including but not limited to, Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Clayton, Mehlville, Sunset Hills, Fenton, Valley Park, Manchester, Town & Country, Ballwin, St. Charles, Chesterfield, Arnold, Oakville, Imperial, Festus, Barnhart, Hillsboro, High Ridge

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