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Why should you print your photographs?

Hi I'm Brittani and I am a newborn photographer in Arnold Missouri. I travel to people's homes and bring everything for their newborn session to make it convenient for them! I want to bring even more convenience by helping you choose and order prints.

By the start of 2022 I am going to switch up the way I do things and no longer just give digitals with sessions. As of right now, everyone has to option to order prints through their online gallery. When I change everything over it will be a new process where ordering prints through me is part of every session (most likely another day after the session takes place).

I know we all love having those digital images because they are easy and we can make prints from them later. How often do you actually print the images you love? Do you have empty walls? Do you have memories just stored on your phone or computer that you rarely if ever look at?

I can even say that I am terrible at actually printing and hanging images I love unless I get them done by someone who helps me through the choosing and ordering process. Life get's busy. You have work, your baby to take care of and possibly older children with activities to go to. When do you find the time to sit down and figure out prints? By the time you get a free moment you are probably ready to just relax in a bath or lay on the couch and watch Netflix.

I can't say exactly how my process is going to work yet since I am still figuring out details. I can tell you how important it is to have precious memories in print.

Having images on your wall of your newborn baby are something you can smile at everyday and as your child grows you'll be even more amazed looking back at how tiny they used to be. That's the thing, everything is always changing. Eventually those first few weeks or even that first year of your babies life becomes a blur.

How wonderful does it feel when you pick up a photo album to look through.. having those memories right in your hands? I know I love it. My mom has always kept tons of photo albums and I get warm fuzzy feelings when I look back on happy times that were captured and preserved. Ask anyone what they would grab first if there was a fire in their home and photographs is almost always in that answer. That should show you how important these images actually are.

If you are looking for a newborn photographer in Arnold, MO or the surrounding St. Louis areas, take a look around my website and ask me any questions to see if we would be a good fit!

Here are some examples of how your session could be displayed in your home!

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